Like many individuals and businesses, my business suffered greatly during the economic downtown. Working with the IRS was near impossible. It was time consuming and they didn’t really seem too interested in helping me. I needed help.  Kim Bates of Central Florida Tax Solutionsis a wealth of knowledge. In addition to helping me resolve my tax issues, I will be using her services to help build a better tax strategy in the future. - Bill C., Trucking, Tampa, FL

Wealth of knowledge

“I would recommend their services because they are genuinely interested in the running of your business and how its success (or failure) impacts on your whole family.  Also, Kim understands where I’m coming from as a small business owner because she is herself is a small business owner.” --Anita with Vivien Home Improvement

Kim Understands

"On several occasions, we had tax questions and Kim promptly responded to me personally. Her advice was supported by direct "quotes" from tax law and her clear explanation was easy to understand.” -- Joe & Cynthia M., Davenport, FL

Easy To Understand

Robert M.

“I feel much more relaxed and confident that I am not paying any more in taxes than legally required and they help me stay organized.” - Justin with Brick Law PLLC

More relaxed and confident

Jane W.

“Their service is more affordable than “around the corner H&R Block”.  Kim Bates is educated, certified and available throughout the WHOLE year, not just during tax time.”-  Eileen with Scates Realty

More affordable

Jon C.

Kimberly Bates came to my rescue. Fear had caused me to procrastinate. I began getting scary letters from the IRS. By the time I was referred to Kim, I was panicky. Kim calmed me down immediately by outlining a strategy to deal with the situation. She had an immediate solution and took action on my behalf to stop serious IRS liens against me. We worked hard together and she did for me what I call a miracle. She found enough deductions and such that I was easily able to pay my tax bill in full and the state ended up owing me $23! I definitely sing her praises!!! - Robin S., Fredericksburg, VA

Came to my rescue

John S., Owner, Fi-Records

“We don’t live in the US but we were referred to Kim by our attorney to handle our US business trust tax filings.  We have complete trust in Kimberly Bates.  We have used her tax filing and tax controversy services for several years and plan to continue to rely on her knowledge and expertise.”- The Phillip Trust, U.K

Complete Trust

Person O.

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